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Put simply, we excel at what we do – Our client retention speaks for itself, once you start a program with us we’ll have you enjoying your workouts, more conscious about healthy eating AND seeing results.

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“Why work with Better-Bodies?”

  • Because we have it all. Currently with four personal trainers and one Holistic nutritionist, we can provide programs that evolve, continuing to challenge and engage our clients month after month, year after year. Leading to long lasting change and gratifying results!
  • Because we’re Holistically minded…… Our Registered Holistic nutritionist and Personal trainer services set us apart from the rest. Our Holistic approach looks at your body as an integrated system, there’s never “just a recurring injury that needs taping up”. Our trainers ask the right questions of you, WHY do you get calf cramps? WHY can’t you lose weight despite all the exercise? WHY do you get headaches after 20 minutes of a workout?  All you have to do is turn up, we’ll help to get you to where you want to go.
  • Events. The reason the Better-Bodies team stays fit, is so we can enjoy active lifestyles. We don’t want to be slaves to the gym, although we know how to enjoy our time there. We like to share our passions with our clients, friends and family through monthly hikes, Golf days, Skiing, adventure races and endless other activities.
  • We don’t pre-sell personal training packages. Our future work is on the line every time you come in. We back ourselves to engage and challenge you every time you come in, so you can’t wait to come back!
  • We have a trainer for everyone; whether you’re after a Female Personal Trainer, a Male Personal Trainer, a tough personal trainer or a caring personal trainer. We have it all.
"I’ve been working with personal training companies for many years but have never found another company that not only focuses on your fitness but on nutrition as well. This has made all the difference to the extraordinary results I’m achieving with Better Bodies."
Roslyn Boniface, CPCC, Corporate Coach

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